16 May 2017

Kinesiologist or personal trainer?

Kinesiologist or personal trainer?

Although we all know what a coach is, few people are familiar with the profession of kinesiologist. But let’s start by looking at what kinesiology is. The word “kinesiology” comes from the ancient Greek “kinêsis” which means movement and “logos” which means science. Kinesiology is thus the scientific study of the movements of the human body and the application of the principles that govern physical activity. Kinesiology also uses other components of the human body such as physiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, psychology, motor learning and sociology to promote health. Be careful not to be confused with the pseudo-medical diagnostic
method that is applied kinesiology.

What differentiates the kinesiologist from the coach? Most coaches are certified by one or more trainings by private institutions or through websites. In Quebec, the kinesiologist has a university degree in kinesiology. The kinesiologist is the health professional who specializes in physical activity and uses the movement for prevention, treatment and performance [1]. It also helps people with disabilities or who suffer from chronic diseases.

The role of the kinesiologist

  • It evaluates the physical condition of the individuals, of which the body composition, the aerobic aptitude (heart rate and blood-pressure at rest and during effort), the musculoskeletal aptitude (strength, endurance, power, balance and posture), flexibility, risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and lifestyle habits (nutrition, sleep, tobacco addiction, etc).
  • Through a personal consultation approach, the kinesiologist helps individuals to target their needs and interests by gathering relevant information from them. This synergy allows the process of problem solving towards a new way of life.
  • It designs safe and appropriate training programs for each condition for preventive, rehabilitative or performance purposes, with regular monitoring of individual progress.


The kinesiologist works in conjunction with other health professionals including physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, osteopaths and others. He is the best specialist to help you on your way to optimal health in a safe and appropriate manner.

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[1] « the kinesiologist » on www.kinesiologue.com/le-kinesiologue, Federation of the kinesiologists of Quebec.

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