Kinesiologist or personal trainer?
3 May 2017
Smoking and physical activity
5 July 2017
Kinesiologist or personal trainer?
3 May 2017
Smoking and physical activity
5 July 2017


Hypertension artérielle

Did your doctor recently mention you that your blood pressure was too high and prescribed you drugs against arterial hypertension?

Side effects of drugs worry you? Can being physically active can lower your pressure? This is what Kinik has prepared for you so you can better understand what is happening.

Blood pressure is related to the blood circulation. It represents the force that the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries. This force is measured at two points: first, when the heart contracts to send blood into the body (systolic pressure) and secondly when the heart is at rest during the filling period (diastolic pressure). Blood pressure is measured in mm Hg. Normal blood pressure is around 120 mmHg / 80 mmHg.

High blood pressure occurs when the blood vessels are less flexible and therefore less elastic
when the blood circulates. A sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and obesity can play a major
role in triggering high blood pressure.

Arterial pressure decrease by exercise

Many studies show the positive results of physical activity on blood pressure. In hypertensive individuals, regular exercise can reduce the average systolic pressure (when the heart contracts) to 3.7 mmHg and the diastolic pressure to 3.7 mmHg (when the heart is at rest). The reducing effect of physical activity can be maintained until 22 hours after exercise.

But what physical activity can I do? First of all, note that cardiovascular activities have a slightly greater effect then muscular activity, but both act positively on your blood pressure.

In terms of cardiovascular exercises, your choice should stop on an activity where you will be slightly out of breath. Studies show that high intensity has very few additional effects at moderate intensity. Whether walking, cycling, swimming, yoga or dancing, the goal is breathlessness and the pleasure of doing your activity.

In terms of muscle stimulation, the important thing is to aim muscular endurance and not to lift big weights. Therefore, choose functional exercises, ie exercises simulating the movements of daily life (eg getting up from a chair) and working in endurance (15 repetitions or more). Above all, it is important to breathe well and not hold your breath when doing the movements.

By practicing physical activity almost every day, your body can use the benefits of physical activity to lower your blood pressure.

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