Kinik was born from a deep desire to help people be healthier through exercises tailored to your needs.  There’s no age to start taking care of yourself!!


Julie Graham, propriétaire

  • Bachelor and Master degree in  Kinesiology
  • Graduate level in nutrition
  • Masters degree in Business Administration
  • More than 10 years experience as kinesiologist with symptomatic clients

I’ve always been passionate about physical activity. As a kinesiologist, I love helping people who want to get back into shape or have health issues. Having dealt with a symptomatic clientele for many years, improving their physical condition and their health is my top priority. I love challenges but most of all, to contribute to improving the health and well-being of the general population.


Hélène Labarbe

  • Bachelor degree in  Kinesiology
  • 5 years experience

Passionate about sport, I discovered the profession of kinesiologist by chance.  As soon as I heard what a kinesiologist is, that is help others move, I immediately recognized myself. I chose to specialize for symptomatic clients in order to help them in their daily lives and, above all, to make a difference on everyone’s quality of life.


Élizabeth Dufour

  • Bachelor degree in Kinesiology
  • Masters degree in Kinesiology (in progress)

Kinesiology batchelor since 2015, I am currently finishing a master’s degree in physical activity sciences on the interdisciplinary practice of kinesiologists in private clinics. Working in the field for over four years, I have been helping people with lower back pain, helping them reach healthy weight.
Passionate about running and outdoors, I will meet your needs with dynamism, professionalism and passion.