Kinik was born from a deep desire to help people be healthier through exercises tailored to your needs.  There’s no age to start taking care of yourself!!


Julie Graham, propriétaire

  • Bachelor and Master degree in  Kinesiology
  • Graduate level in nutrition
  • Masters degree in Business Administration
  • More than 10 years experience as kinesiologist with symptomatic clients

I’ve always been passionate about physical activity. As a kinesiologist, I love helping people who want to get back into shape or have health issues. Having dealt with a symptomatic clientele for many years, improving their physical condition and their health is my top priority. I love challenges but most of all, to contribute to improving the health and well-being of the general population.


Hélène Labarbe

  • Bachelor degree in  Kinesiology
  • 5 years experience

Passionate about sport, I discovered the profession of kinesiologist by chance.  As soon as I heard what a kinesiologist is, that is help others move, I immediately recognized myself. I chose to specialize for symptomatic clients in order to help them in their daily lives and, above all, to make a difference on everyone’s quality of life.


Catherine Therriault

  • Physical therapist for more than eight years
  • Kinesiologist for five years

Catherine is a dynamic professional who pays close attention to her clients’ needs. Since earning her bachelor’s degree, she has cultivated a well-seasoned range of expertise in areas such as
rehabilitation, pre- and postpartum management,  persistent/chronic pain, oncology and motor development. Catherine will help you achieve your goals. She looks forward to meeting you!

Guylaine Morin, professeure de yoga

Guylaine Morin

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga teacher since 2014, I am particularly interested in the therapeutic aspect of yoga and about anxiety. Yoga is rich in teachings on the body and the mind, it helps us go through stress and difficulties, and to evolve. I teach people how to create space in their bodies and calm themselves mentally. They can then listen to what lives in them and be what they are, with their story, their situations, the pain, the stress, etc.
In a simple approach, I create courses where the postures can be adapted to the capacities and the limitations of each one. I emphasize breathing and caring and I sometimes use other yoga tools such as meditation, nidra yoga (deep relaxation), restorative yoga (for the nervous system) and mudras (hand gestures) that help concentration.

Here is a short video explaining what Kinik is and our specialties: